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Rise Up: Youth Program for the Performing Arts!

Who We Are:

We are a network of passionate artists in the Yuba-Sutter community, who strive to provide affordable opportunities for local youth to participate in the performing arts. Click below to learn more!

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New Dance Classes for Kids Ages 3-5

Newest program, offered in partnership with First Five Yuba County Children and Families Commission. We are also offering `12 FULL RIDE scholarships! Click below to learn more

Choir Class

Current Arts Education Programs

At Rise Up: Youth Program for the Performing Arts, we are dedicated to creating an inviting and exciting environment for children of all ages to express their creative side!​


Upcoming Events

We have several exciting events happening throughout the year, click below to learn what's happening!


"In the Yuba-Sutter area, art education can sometimes be hard to come by. Opportunities exist, but are not accessible to the families that need them. Whether the reason be location, time, or cost, some children end up being left out. This organization exists to fix that problem. I want to offer affordable, out-of-school programs in the performing arts. I want to create educational opportunities for children who need them. And I want to make these opportunities accessible to every family in our community."

Julian Barkley-Brinson


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Our Sponsors

A successful organization cannot function without support and involvement from the community. We would like to thank the following supporters and sponsors.


Marysville Youth & Civic Center

We would like to give a special thank you to Maryville Youth and Civic Center, for supporting our organization. Through their collaboration, we have been able to offer affordable, quality programs in the community. We are excited about our new partnership, and cannot wait to bring even more programs to the area!

First 5 Yuba County

We would like to give a special thank you to our friends at First 5 Yuba County. Without their generous donation to our Winter Wonderland Holiday Festival, we would not be able to offer our kids craft booths. We are very grateful, and can't wait for future collaboration!