Tap Dance Class

Commitment to Quality

Creating an Enriching Experience

At Rise Up, we care about student experience. That's why we've been working hard over the last year to design a camp that fits the needs of our students, without compromising the quality of our program. 

Quality means good teachers. We are committed to hiring the BEST group of people to work at our camp. This includes increasing recruitment efforts and working harder than ever to find people passionate about performing arts education. 

Quality means resources. Thanks to fundraising efforts and generous donations (in-kind and otherwise) we are so fortunate to have the resources to make this camp a dynamic one. This means improvements on instruments, supplies, materials...but most importantly, improvement in our camp space. We are so excited for the opportunity to hold our camp on a school campus!​

Quality means dynamic programming. We are so excited to improve an already massively successful day camp model, revising the schedule to include more socialization time AND time for enrichment activities, while eliminating "down time." Additionally, we are excited to enhance teacher curriculum training and improve collaboration to make each and every class an unforgettable experience for students.