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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Please read below for more information on the steps we are taking to ensure that campers and staff members are safe and healthy. Please note that the following is a summary of our COVID policies, not an exhaustive list. We reserve the right to make changes to our COVID policies based on new information from the CDC, office of the Governor, and local public health guidance.

Increased Cleaning

While we already were committed to cleaning and keeping a sanitized environment for our students, we are increasing the amount of cleaning done in this camp. This includes high contact surfaces. Additionally, we are enlisting hired help from the Paragon janitorial staff to reach this goal.

Masking and Distance

All students and staff will wear masks while at camp. There will be plenty of "mask breaks" available throughout the day, including during meals, breaks, and physical activity breaks. This is to ensure that students are still able to enjoy the camp while also adhering to this safety measure. Additionally, 6-8 feet of distance will be maintained at all times. Audience members for the final performance will also be masked and spaced out.

Use of Cohorts

Students will be placed in age-appropriate groups of no more than 10 for the duration of their time at camp. This is to ensure that there's minimal mixing of students, which has been shown to increase the spread of COVID-19. While we will be limiting interaction between groups, students will still be able to see each other and socialize during meals and activities. Greater distance will help us keep everyone safe.


We are also putting policies in place for the camp where students are required to stay home if they are feeling sick. Temperatures will be checked every morning, and if a student becomes sick while at camp, they will be immediately removed from their group. If a student is sent home from camp due to illness or high temperature, they will need to receive a negative COVID test to return to camp.

Hygiene Practices

It's important that our students understand practices to reduce the risk of spread, and such "healthy hygiene practices" will be taught to students and reinforced while at camp. This includes washing hands for at least 20 seconds at various intervals during the camp day and covering their mouths for sneezing and coughing, among others. This final step plays a critical role in our overall objective for camper health and safety.

More information on all of these policies will be discussed at length with camp parents. Please be aware, however, that these policies are in place for camper and staff safety. As a condition of your child attending the camp, the parent/family will need to agree to these policies in order to participate. 

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