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                    COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

                                                    A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Families and Community, 

We hope this finds you well. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, things are not improving at the rate we had hoped. Our number one concern is the health and safety of our families, and above all else Rise Up wishes to do its part to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus.

On Friday, MJUSD announced that closures will extend until May 1st, continuing instruction online for all students in the district. On Sunday, YCUSD sent an email to parents with a similar message. In light of these announcements, Rise Up has decided to move all programs to an online-learning format, in order to best serve our families and continue to provide our services. This change will take effect beginning April 10, and continue indefinitely.  

We will be using a combination of Zoom, YouTube, and Google Classroom to provide an interactive distance-learning experience to our students. Emails have been sent out to all of our families, with detailed information on this transition. If your child is enrolled in one of our programs and you did not receive an email, please let me know. 

We understand that some families do not have access to technology and/or internet connection, and we want to do our part to help those in need! We are more than willing to work around limitations, to help your child succeed in our program. If you need anything at all, please call me at (530) 933-0223. 

We know that this will present challenges, both for our teachers adapting instruction to an online platform, and for our students who will be learning music, theatre, and dance through a computer screen. We appreciate your patience as we restructure our programs to best suit the needs of our families. Teachers and program staff will be spending the next few weeks preparing for online instruction.`Our website will be updated shortly with information and links to streamline our new online learning experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Most sincerely, 

Julian Barkley-Brinson

Executive Director/President

(530) 933-0223