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Theater Lights

Commitment to Quality

Thanks to the generosity of the California Arts Council, we are excited to offer a camp with FULL resources at our disposal!

At Rise Up, we care about student experience. That's why we've been working hard over the last year to design a camp that fits the needs of our students, without compromising the quality of our program. 

Quality means good teachers. This camp is drawing staff from around the state, who work in the industry and are passionate about musical theatre education. We have an INCREDIBLE team for this program, coming from various areas around California, and we're so excited that we're able to assemble this team to work with the our Yuba-Sutter students!

Quality means resources. Not only were we awarded an incredibly generous  grant to do this camp, not ONLY were we able to make an agreement with a beautiful elementary school (Edgewater) that has agreed to host us, but we are so, so, SO excited to announce that our performance will be in the state-of-the-art Yuba College Theater! We worked hard to make this happen for our camp, and are thrilled that thanks to Yuba College and CAC, we were able to make a deal. This is the most professional performance venue in the community, features full theatrical lighting and sound systems, and will be the PERFECT stage to celebrate an incredible achievement. It also allows us to open the performance up to the Yuba Sutter community, bringing them a dazzling musical theatre show.

Quality means dynamic programming. While this camp is new, we are so excited about what it means for our organization, and the incredible work we'll be able to do with students who love musical theatre! This program is perhaps the most ambitious program we've designed, and the camp schedule is PACKED with singing, dancing, acting, paining/drawing, games, and camp activities. It's truly a special camp, and we can't WAIT to share it with you all!!

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