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Commitment to Quality

We are so excited about the strategic partnerships we've made to make this camp incredible!

We have been working tirelessly to ensure that the students in our camp get the BEST possible camp experience, and are excited to announce some great strides in the quality of our camp!

Quality means good teachers. We are excited to have hired a strong and dynamic team of professionals for this camp, who care deeply for both performing arts education and the growing mind of the young child. 

Quality means resources. We have two incredible sponsors to thank for the resources we've been able to receive for this camp. The first is Sutter County Children and Families Commission, who awarded us a generous grant that made it possible for us to produce this program! Thanks to their funding, our camp will be fully equipped with materials, supplies, and more. We are also partnering with YCUSD to hold our camp at Bridge Street Elementary School, which features incredible classrooms, a wonderful outdoor area for breaks, recesses, and meals, and a state-of-the-art multipurpose room with a built-in stage for our final performance. We are so excited about this camp site, and can't wait to create in this space!

Quality means dynamic programming. No one is more excited for this program than our camp team, and our Teacher has already been at work designing a curriculum that will help young children realize their potential onstage! The curriculum will include all areas of the performing (and maybe some visual...) arts, including activities and games to supplement learning and development. 

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