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Tap Dance Class

Commitment to Quality

Major Updates coming in 2022 that we're sure you'll be excited about! 

At Rise Up, we care about student experience. That's why we've been working hard over the last year to design a camp that fits the needs of our students, without compromising the quality of our program. 

Quality means good teachers. We are excited to have a professional staff this year! Teachers will be coming from all over the Sacramento Valley to work with our Yuba Sutter students, and we are so thrilled to bring these incredible people to our community! 

Quality means resources. On top of the incredible strides that were made to provide students and teachers with more resources (such as more instruments for music class, more enrichment materials, and funding for our camp activities) we are SO excited to announce that we will be partnering with MJUSD this year to hold our camp at Edgewater Elementary School! This is truly a beautiful site, and an ideal place both for an enriching camp, and to make art together. This is an incredible upgrade in quality for our camp, and we are so excited to work with MJUSD for both FREE MEALS and now our camp/performance site!

Quality means dynamic programming. This year, we're excited to center our camp classes and performance projects around a theme, which will increase collaboration and synergy across the board. We are constantly growing and learning as an organization, and are excited to continue to improve upon our already dynamic programming for 2022!

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